Tuesday, March 10, 2009

7 random things

My sister has done this already and challenged any one who was stumped for material to do the same... so here goes.

1- I learned to play the bagpipes my last year of high school- I don't play anymore but I did take a bus for an hour twice a week in college to learn in exchange for babysitting my teacher's autistic daughter.

2- I know how to put up a teepee. Two different ways. I spent some time in Montana working for Incare Network and the city kid from nyc got to teach Tribal Youths how to live as their ancestors did.

3- My dog is from a reservation and almost met oprah. When I was in Montana there was a national science competition to improve your community through science. Oprah was somehow involved. A couple of girls from the Crow Reservation researched the viability of straw as a building material, found it was awesome and decided to build a straw community center. My dog was born in the extra straw a few days before Oprah was supposed to come interview the girls; she decided to do it via satellite and I found the dog as we were clearing out the area for the media trucks.

4- I can't make sound come out when I blow across the top of a bottle. It's my secret shame.

5- I have a tendency to mail total strangers things to their work place if I think they are cool. Whilst in Montana I liked a bar called Jester's, the bartender had a cool tattoo that reminded me of a comic book I love. So I sent him it in the mail addressed to " the bartender who makes the green goodness for the vistas when they visit". I've baked cookies for my bus driver, and other such kind people who's names I don't even know.

6- I look forward to the "package of crazy". This is a package that gets mailed to my friend mary box has become less crazy in the past few years, but the birthdays are always a bit over the top. This is the package in which I received "a wreath of , and received from mary every year for christmas and for birthdays. It is generally an accumulation of stuff that we both find funny, and usually for under 10 bucks. The christmasfranklins" which was really fake 100 dollar bills encircling a photo of ms. Aretha herself.

7- According to family history I was conceived at a funeral and learned to walk by following some champagne.

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InventingLiz said...

Not exactly "at" a funeral...but yes, there was a funeral happening in the general vicinity and timeframe of your conception...