Monday, March 9, 2009


So still no word on whether or not my sister wants to be my friend on Facebook, which I 'm not really surprised by. Saddened a little yes, but surprised no.

We have two more weeks until we find out the sex of this fetus , who I've been calling clam. All it wants to eat is seafood- clams specifically, though I think I would kill for a good oyster as well. Secretly I think I want a girl- the dresses in the children's stores are luring me in.

I need some girl name suggestions

My sister is running a contest on her blog. You should go and enter and win wonderful digital art.


InventingLiz said...

You need to see if our brother will treat you to dinner at his place, I'm sure you could get a good oyster there!

There's a typo in the link to my blog -

regina said...

the problem is that raw oysters are a no no during pregnancy- i'm still going to have one but i want to wait a little longer!

InventingLiz said...

Hey, one more reason I'm glad I'm adopting instead of doing it the other way - I can eat and drink whatever I want while I'm waiting!

Anonymous said...

i bet your sister will not respond