Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flat stanley

I received Flat Stanley in the mail from my niece this past weekend- just in time for St. Patrick's Day! My bloggy sister has posted on her avoidance of St. Patrick's day in Boston so I am glad I got to have Stanley for this event...You see, me and my husband met on St. Patrick's Day (in a bar yes) we also got engaged on St. Patrick's Day (also in a bar) and of the 5 St. Patrick's Days we have spent together I have been pregnant for 2- so for us it's not really about drunken debauchery (anymore) but about family. So we took Flat Stanley out to celebrate with us!

If I had a cord for my camera this is where pictures would go, but here is what Flat stanley did....

He rode the nyc subway
He hailed a taxi with a really cool statue of a man hailing a taxi
He met some bagpipers, a very unhelpful cop, and a hotdog vendor who charged 7.00 for a hotdog and a pretzel.
He helped carry the County Down banner down 5th ave.
He went to a bar (but i deemed it inappropriate for him to have his picture taken there)

I think Flat Stanley is worn out and needs a nap now, and then he can get mailed back to Long Island.

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Mary said...

I love getting Flat Stanleys (and variations on that theme) in the mail. Last year a friend of mine sent her kid's here in the dead of winter--I had so much dorky fun hauling it around town, driving it out on the lake, all that junk. When your kids are older, send their Flat Stanleys to Wisconsin and I promise to show them a good time. (haha)