Thursday, April 10, 2008

vitamin d overload

It was something like 70 degrees today (sorry mary, but it is supposed to rain tomorrow if that makes you feel better) and we spent much of the day walking around the neighborhood, and playing in the park. There was no nap in the afternoon because we were busy smelling the flowers along the block.

I feel like I am 155 years old, I don't know why this one kid makes me so exhausted, a classroom of two year olds all day doesn't make me this tired. The kid is making me feel like an old woman, how did my mom do it with 4 kids,me and my little brother came so much later, but I bet we made her pretty tired too...
Exhaustion makes me cranky is all I can say, and I am glad I get to rest tomorrow while I teach non english speaking pre-k kids!


InventingLiz said...

You have no idea - you both made her tired before you were even born! My main memory of both pregnancies is having to tiptoe around the house in the afternoons so she could take a nap...well that, and the rest of us keeping Halloween goldfish in a tupperware container, feeding them breadcrumbs, and using a soup ladle to scoop them out when it was time to clean the bowl, when she was in the hospital early in the pregnancy with you. The goldfish were dead before she even got home from the hospital so we didn't bother to tell her about it!

Anonymous said...

I feel you 100% mama. 100%. I thought it would get better when I stopped breastfeeding because it made sense to think that that was where the drain was coming from - no pun intended. But the milk bar's been closed for a solid two months and I'm still dragging my zombie ass around. I've started to drink gigantic amounts of coffee. In the morning and again around three or so in the afternoon. I BE DRAGGIN HARD.