Monday, April 14, 2008

Hell hath no fury like a teething baby

The babe got his first teeth at around 4 months old. There was a day or so of crying, a night shot of baby motrin and ta-da 4 lovely teeth. Around 7 months he got 4 more teeth with a similar pattern of events. NOW we are in the molar section of the teeth. He is cutting two (possibly 4) teeth set deep in his mouth. The only way to see these teeth is to hang him by his ankles and call him "Turkey Baby".
For the past week he has been drooling, hot, cranky and generally a jerk-face. The drool is the worst part. He has slimed everything from the park slides, to every jacket he owns, to his cousin Liam ('Aunt Gina he spit on me' 'Baby Joseph keeps spitting on the floor, I clean it, tell him to stop') to the dog. I am tired of wiping baby spit off of me, I am tired of slipping in the puddles of drool on our floors.
But I am digging how he points to his mouth and says "oooooo" Communication has not broken down in light of the pain and annoyance of new teeth.

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Mary said...

"Turkey Baby" makes me laugh on its own, but it also helps that it then reminds me of the Chicken Lady on Kids in the Hall, so it's like a humor double-whammy.

"Straight out of my body and onto your plate!"