Thursday, April 10, 2008


Our child's name is Joseph, and we are at an age where I think we need a nickname to stick. We live in a neighborhood where I fear he will turn into a Jo-ee, as in "A-O Jo-ee", a giant gold chain wearing Joey who wants stone lions outside his house. So before he enters a day care in the area (hopefully next year if the job goes through) I want an established nickname.

My sister made a point the other day that calling the Babe, the Babe will make it harder to nickname number 2 (a child that is not on the way yet but a thought in the back of our heads). And she also pointed out that in our family Babe is already taken; our uncle who is my dad's younger brother is called Babe by my dad. It is funny to hear my dad call someone Babe though. And I can't picture other kids calling him babe to his face.

The hubby calls the boy child Boy-o. Every afternoon when he gets home the whole block can hear "Hi- ya Boy-o" the Boy-o sounding the way old Irish men say it. I call the boy Scooter Pie, but I feel like these are family nicknames that he would not want others calling him. I know I would die if people called me what my mom calls me sometimes.

My friend, and the boy's Godmother calls him JP. I like this one the best but I feel like she is the only one to call him this. The mother in law calls him Joseph all the time (her deceased husband is who is named after and everyone called him Joe, so I think she feels weird about calling the baby Joe). My parents call him Joseph, but I feel like they don't really do nicknames.

So anyone out there with a nickname suggestion?


Mary said...

I don't know how many times I have to suggest "Fritzy Carmichael" before you latch onto it, seriously... (ha ha)

I am dangerously good at giving people nicknames that stick, so you should probably get this taken care of before I get there in May. Or you'll get stuck with "Fritzy" yet! ;+)

Anonymous said...

if it helps any, my dad has the same 1st name as his dad, and so he was known in the family by his initials (JP). I always wanted a nickname, but never got one.

This naming thing is a nightmare. And Mark and I have different last names, so there is always that option to consider as well.

regina said...

The actual naming of the child was easy, since john's dad is deceased. we were going to give him my dad's name as a middle name but it is the same as our last name so it would have been silly to do that! we went with the irish spelling of my dad's middle name. We didnt even think of girls names since we had found out that we were having a boy. But for some reason in the last month i panicked that we weren't having a boy and we hammered out one girls name we could agree on.

as for last names, whose ever last name is easier to spell should be the one you go with!