Friday, April 25, 2008

Twin Beaks

Many of you who read this know me, and know my obsession with Twin Peaks. This year after many of asking, the hubby got me the Definitive Gold Box edition of the series, it does not have the movie (which isnt that upsetting because it tells you everything and kills the suspense) or this....

I particularily like the Darn fine pie utterences by Cookie Monster, and the appearence by David Finch.

For more amazing Sesame Street clips see the 50 best list over at Babble


Anonymous said...

I actually ate pie some years ago at the diner that inspired the setting. darn fine.

InventingLiz said...

Erin - did we go there when I visited you? Or am I thinking of a picture you sent me?

Regina - aren't you too young to have watched Twin Peaks when it was on? or is that my "regina is so young" bias coming through?

regina said...

I have weird memories of seeing snippets of it at home, but I watched most of it in my friend Rebecca's attic on videos she would tape from tv.
In college is where the real obsession came out- on of the res life staff would show them each jan-term and when they graduated I took over. Not the best choice for a near empty campus in the middle of january!