Monday, April 21, 2008


Since I got a new job we had to look for childcare for the babe. Right now we have a wonderful sitter two days a week, but there is no way we can afford her 5 days a the hunt began. I posted to our local parenting board and two lovely ladies told me about an in home place about 7 blocks from where we live. We went to check it out yesterday. Beautiful home and nice enough woman running it. She asked about the babe's schedule, his pooping, his eating. When we told her that he poops every other day or so, sometimes every three days she told us 'oh this is very bad, a child should be pooping every day, you need to figure out why he isnt pooping, maybe its his diet. What do you feed him?' I told her we feed him what we eat, whole grains, yogurt, veggies, meat. I don't think she believed me, and said something like 'well it sounds very starchy if he isnt pooping he needs prune juice'
We tried prune juice and it didnt do anything. She was crazy about the poop. We left feeling like our parenting was being questioned and that our child was a freak because he doesn't poop everyday. She also kept saying he was a big my hubby is over 6 feet tall and a big guy so it isn't hard to imagine that my son would be big. It made me feel like all the other kids in the daycare are going to be wimpy little things with poor muscle tone!
But overall we left feeling like "she is annoying but cheap and we don't have to interact with her" so we are set for daycare in the fall. I am glad we found a place near home that seems like a good fit. I am hoping that the other moms aren't crazy so maybe we can have some parent friends. I am hoping that the woman who runs the place doesn't bombard us with poop talk everyday. I am hoping this is a good fit.

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Mary said...

If nothing else, even if she does barrage you with poop talk, at least it'll make good blog fodder. I picture something akin to my police blotter round-ups--a poop round-up.