Monday, April 28, 2008

more firsts

So I promised video and here it is.... Baby's first real steps, and where does he go? Right to the dog food

And now also first haircut photos too...he went from this

To this: To finally this- Look its a real boy!
This should get everyone off my back about when he is going to get a haircut! The boy has his dad's curly hair up top. Apparently it is like his grandpa Joe's (I never met the hubby's dad as he died while Hubby was in High School) and it is easy to comb into a classic Grandpa Joe pompadour. Now all he needs is a little Brylacreen and two combs in his back pocket.


InventingLiz said...

Oh, MUCH better! He will look great for his first birthday which I wasn't invited, if I recall correctly...but I'll look forward to reading all about it here!

regina said...

You are invited! Sheesh you forget to send one invite out in the mail...

Mary said...

Sweet haircut!! Although I did also did the wild-man thing he had going on before.

I love that he went straight for the dog food, too. Cheda's got some competition... haha