Thursday, March 6, 2008

felt like 5555

It seems I am destined to sleep through life changing events. This morning a bomb was thrown into the military recruitment offices in times square. I woke up to this news being whispered to me by the hubby in the dark while I was still asleep, he left me soon after to travel via subway into the city. He left me with no more info than a bomb went off in times square.
My heart raced and I cried into my pillow with memories of the last time I was woken up with news of bombs in NYC. It was 2001 my last year in college, and I was awoken by a ringing phone and my friend Lil telling me to turn on the TV. I turned on the TV just in time to sleepily watch a plane fly into my skyline, and my friend James who was living with us at the time worrying where his mother was. A morning of frantic calls through clogged and static filled phone lines assured us most people we knew were safe; my own parents were holed up in our attic watching the horror unfold.
The rest of the day was spent not watching TV and trying to ignore people who shamed us for sitting under a tree getting high.
I learned that day that there is no way to get high enough to erase that much pain

So these memories flooded me at 6am and made the day a saddened one, even though the bomb was barely worth mentioning on the news apparently.
Here's hoping it stays that way

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