Monday, February 25, 2008


this is the last photo the camera took before its' untimely demise..... see how nice and desolate the streets look? you'd never guess that there is a pizza place and gun club just up the road right?

This is the second to last photo the camera took it is a snowbear that the hubby made in our tiny little front yard...

The bear was made the day before Valentine's Day by the hubby, he brought me dead flowers (the bear not the hubby) and also this from the pizza place/gunclub

Yes it is a heart shaped pizza.....and it was enjoyed by all.

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Mary said...

I've always wanted to get one of those heart-shaped pizzas on Valentine's Day...someday, my ship will come in. ;+)

The snowbear is charming--and yay for having a front yard, even if it is tiny.