Sunday, February 24, 2008

the camera is dead

Two days ago it snowed here; real snow, the light fluffy giant flakes that hold the promise of a school closure. I had to shovel the walkway before I went to work, and again when I got home, it was truly lovely. But the snow killed the camera. I wanted to capture the beauty of Brooklyn in the snow, since no one was out and about when I went to work. Kids were sleeping in, snug in the knowledge that they still had days left to their February break; parents who could, were calling in sick and those who couldn't had already left by the time I got myself ready to leave. I admit I contemplated staying home, but now responsibility won out.
So as I waited for that B16 bus that never came I took a picture of the desolate snow covered streets- the plows hadn't even hit my neighborhood yet. The picture is lovely and eventually I will post it (maybe when i replace the computer with one whose usb ports work), but the camera is now making a funny noise and the lenses won't retract and it seems there is an internal error...

So I add the camera to the list of electronic devices that have served me well but have gone on to that big outlet in the sky, and hope that by doing so it will magically resurrect itself somehow. Maybe it will be an Easter miracle.

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Mary said...

I will pray for your camera.