Thursday, February 21, 2008


why am I so tired? maybe because the child has not slept today; or maybe because I schlepped him all over brooklyn checking out YMCA programs... we decided to try a swim class since I like to swim and he seems to like the water and the Y has some decent prices. now i have to worry about wha i look like in a suit.
in other news my friend Laura who had a babe right after me (to bad she is on the west coast) just launched her own blog. She is momming and figuring out how to be an artist and she writes too. I am envious of her life. She is doing what she loves (and lives in a beautiful area) and managing a household. I'm sort of doing what i love and barely managing to keep the house together. I just can't figure out the balance, and i suppose it doesnt help that i am bogged down in writing my thesis, and taking a crappy class to finish school, and trying to finish my internship and trying to be a housewife...Quick someone tell me it gets easier.
last night i said to someone that i was 'ready to be pregnant again, or have my own classroom'

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