Friday, February 1, 2008

things i did and did not buy...

Well it is February 1st which means the Compact season has begun, and I must admit that today I spent about $51 in books at Barnes and Nobles. But (and here comes the excuses) I had a list that I followed and the books were for the preschool and toddler art classes I teach. Ok sure I could have looked harder in used stores but it was raining (really hard) and I was going to dinner near the Barnes and Nobles so there it is $51 in the hole already- though does it count if i put it on the credit card?
I am going to Ikea on sunday to buy things to make our house look a little more grown up than it does now (inspired purely by Gwynne's curtain choices) but I am using some gift cards and taking the bus as to not overload myself on I don't think it will count
I did buy some Starbucks this week in anticipation of a haitus; it should be known I don't drink coffee but I really like the peppermint hot cocoa, and caramel steamed milk from Starbucks; and I usually treat myself on the night I have class to one or the other but now no more. So I had steamed milk 4 times this week, and 3 1/2 expresso brownies. about $30
So the Grand Total is roughly $81.00
oh and we had take out chinese for dinner last night...
In reality not all that much, but I think more wasn't spent because of the Hubby's layoff. He goes back to work on wednesday (thank goodness, he's been driving me nuts) but I am not sure if it is with his company or just with someone who knows someone who can get him onto a site; have I mentioned he's a Union Carpenter? and apparently they still work in that weird 'hey i know someone who is out of work, can we use him?' way, were a handshake on a commute can offer you great contacts. So I am not sure how long work will hold out, since this is the time of the year where the Carpenters' have a odd little dry spell. All this means is that the Hubs gets to come to gymboree with us on monday!
So I will hold off putting money into the tincan and see where this Compact living really takes us in the weeks to come....
And for the record I did not buy a mandoline

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Gwynne Watkins said...

Oo, a mandoline -- that's the ultimate unnecessary-but-awesome kitchen accessory.

Your willpower is admirable. Yay for thriftiness!