Tuesday, January 29, 2008

flu shots

The babe got a flu shot last time we went to the doctor, i didnt bother (mostly because although i finally have insurance i have no doctor) and now we are both sick
I think I brought something home from the snot nosed kids or maybe the babe eating everything at gymboree did us in. Either way having a stuffy head and a baby is not fun. My saving grace today was the fact that the hubs got laid off from work. That sounds more horrible than it is- he is a Union Carpenter and there just is no work for his company this week over 40 guys got laid off; which means he gets to stay home for an undetermined amount of time (most likely till the end of the week) and he can collect unemployment, and take care of me and the babe.
My day today consisted of a NyQuil induced coma and some tea and toast; the hubs went to the gym, went to the park and played with the babe all day. It is nice to have him home in times like this, but i give it until the end of the week to drive me nuts
and now to take the Jeopardy online test

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Mary said...

Sorry to hear about John's layoff, even if it is brief--but, on the other hand, it sounds like pretty good timing as far as the childcare is concerned. Score! haha

Good luck with the Jeopardy test!