Sunday, January 20, 2008


In a comment to my previous post, Heather (a rookiemom) wondered about towels and sheets in terms of the Compact; I will admit that tomorrow (barring frostbite weather) I am purchasing new pillows and also possibly a super warm coverall thing for the Babe. We are in desperate need of new pillows and quite frankly I am very grossed out by even the thought of used pillows, (sheets and towels too, but not as much because of the ability to boil in bleach water) Even the idea of someone else's pillows makes me think of a mass scabies outbreak here at the Happiness Hotel.

And yet I am looking into hostels and house swapping for our trip

As for the super warm thing for the Babe, well I didn't buy one at the beginning of winter since it was soo warm and now nowhere has them; and all the other moms out there are using theirs, not selling them. So in the interest of not having the Gymboree moms call ACS on me I am on the hunt for warmth.
and besides the pillows are on sale....

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