Friday, January 18, 2008

cheapskates unite

This year we tried to do an all handmade Christmas. Everything I gave was either made by me or made by someone on Etsy (with the exception of books) and it really kept the cost down; plus I was trying to get across the idea that we would like thoughtful, handcrafted (read nontoxic, non plastic made in china crap) things for ourselves and the Babe. Mostly people didn't get it, but that's fine.
I've been thinking about how much money we saved over the holidays and I have come to the decision that we need to save more. Especially since we would really like to go to Ireland this summer. So I am going to try to do a modified version of The Compact similar to what can be seen on RookieMoms though my rules are geared more towards saving money than saving the environment
1) No impulse purchases- whenever necessary shopping needs to be done, a list will be followed and for each item bought not on the list 10 bucks goes into the JAR
2) No Take-Out- it's just as easy to cook something really and if we want more adventure we can eat out, which though doesn't save us money will get us out and about
3) No New stuff-borrowed, used, free only
We'll see how it goes. I'm anticipating some slip ups already, as the hubs wants to buy a car when the tax return comes in (though I'm guessing it'll be a leased used one so maybe it won't break the rules) and the Babe turns one in May (and the In Law wants some huge ridiculousness) and I am a sucker for the dollar section at Target!


Anonymous said...

I walk around in anticipation of my spending freeze and wonder how people do this as a lifestyle (longer than one month), like what about sheets and towels? Would I buy them on my amnesty day or do I need to hang around rich neighborhoods where people use their sheets only once before deciding that they don't work and snap them up...?

Good luck to you! Report back to me on your progress.

Mary said...

I love this idea--good for you. I'm not sure if I have the willpower to do it myself long-term, but it is something I should try for like, a month or two. Just to see if I could do it. Maybe in is the shortest month, I suppose. ;+)