Tuesday, January 22, 2008

explosion of

no not flavor; poop - an explosion of poop is what i woke up to this morning.
The Babe is not an early riser, he wakes up at about 5 to send the hubby off to work and then settles back down to sleep until about 830 or so; which is nice for this not so morning friendly mom. And today was no different, except for the giant explosion of poop.
This morning I walked into the Babe's room, where he was very happily standing, clapping his hands and throwing things at the dog to hear the loudest fart over his giggles. I thought it was the dog, then i thought maybe it was me, but no it came from the tiniest behind in the room....
The Babe was unfazed by the farting,and there was only a momentary pause in giggling and he plopped down waiting to be changed.
What was in the diaper was ungodly- and yet I sort of wanted to photograph it to document how nasty it was. I was reminded of a page in our Inappropriate Baby Book that asks "the first indigestible item that came out in my diaper was this...... and it looked like this" because surely I didn't feed the Babe anything that could have looked like what I was greeted with this morning.
Poop was everywhere; on the butt, on the diaper, on the back, on his foot, and tucked up into the boy bits.
Did I mention we cloth diaper yet? Yeah.

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