Saturday, July 2, 2011

Market day!

We went to the market today after a bit of a hiatus. I still need to process all of our cherries (we picked 6.5 lbs last week), I still need to do something with the basil in the yard, and the lettuce is out of control. We are behind on EVERYTHING lately- we were away, I have been soo tired and lazy summer days are getting the best of us.

Today we went to market with $80. We came home with $12. Here's what we bought and what we will do with it.

Two loaves of bread (one from Bread Alone, one from All you Knead)
1 croissant (All you Knead)
1 pretzel (All you Knead)
6 pints of blueberries (Madura Farms jam and vodka and cordial)
1 quart sugar snap peas (I don't remember what farm, but we are going to freeze these)
1 quart peas (same farm and going to freeze these as well)
1/2 pint raspberries (from Evelyn's farm- we are going to eat these outright)
1 pint Black currants (unknown farm- going to make cordial and vodka)
4 apples (Breezy Hill Orchards)
1 pint of apple juice

I have to get on top of the jamming, our freezer is running of space!

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