Friday, July 29, 2011

creative Friday

I have been busy knitting. No I never did get that dress for that wedding, nor did I finish the blanket that was to be the wedding present....why? Because I've been busy. Busy growing a BABY!!!
It is official. I am now 13.5 weeks along with baby #3. The end, the last, the finish to the family. A little tadpole who hops every time an ultrasound wand passes over. A gummy bear looking child who made me throw up for 12 weeks. A happy non-accident. So ok it doesn't take much creativity to make a baby, but I am knitting up a storm for this one.

So far I have completed a Bulky Baby Blanket in the softest yarn I have worked with to date. Spud and Chloe is an organic wool cotton blend that is so squishy and lovely to work with that I am ignoring the fact that I spent soo much money (even though I bought it at WEBS) on one item. There is 60 yards to a skein of the bulky yarn that makes up the center of the blanket and you need 4 skeins, 160 yards to the worsted weight (sweater) that make up the borders 2 skeins will be enough, with some really is a simple and
quick knit (took me less than a week), and comes out to be about stroller blanket sized, and because it is so fluffy it will work great for a sitting on the floor blankie too. I think it took me longer to figure out what colors to knit with than to actually knit the blanket! I bought extra to make some overalls as well...

The next item that has been completed is based on the Mrs . Brak's Drawstring Bottom Baby Kimono. It is also a quick knit (took about a week and a half of starting and stopping) that is a simple raglan shaping top down nightgown. The directions were lovely but either I knitted waaaay to tight (swatch?! ha!) or Mrs. Brak has some tiny babies in her life, because it came out very skinny looking. I think it will fit for about 5 minutes but I did make it extra long to accommodate the long babies I seem to produce. I knit it in a lovely blue/green Alpaca/Wool blend from Debbie Stoller's Stitch Nation. Alpaca Love is very soft and I am sure I will knit more with it- I bought it on super Sale at Micheal's thinking I would make a sweater for myself, so I have roughly 9 skeins of it. There is 132 yards per skein and I used 2 skeins for a long sleeved garment. No Photos yet as I am waiting to see what we are having before really finishing it....

I am on a knitting roll, baby items are fast because of being so small, and I am hoping to knit quite a few things for this baby. There is also Christmas Knitting to be completed, and a few things to give away but my knitting mojo is back and I am knitting from the stash (this way I can buy more at the Sheep and Wool Festival in october!) so I am being frugal too!

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Hinterland Mama said...

Howdy partner!
(Apologies on being a bit slow on recognising that connection)
Congratulations on the pregnancy. Which way are you leaning? Do you think it may be a boy or a girl this time? (I'm sensing you may not be a 'pink' Mama?...yet...)
I've really enjoyed reading through your posts. Your knitting is impressive no end! Your local market sounds fabulous and I'm a foodie too. So the cooking and gardening made me smile. My boys are envious: Raccoons?! Fawns?!!! We do have the stray echidna, possum & flying fox wandering into our yard this year though :)
Your posts definitely gave me a giggle here and there. Happy to have a new friend in the Blogosphere!