Saturday, May 14, 2011

Market Day

I took my poison ivied self to the Cold Spring Market this morning armed with $140. Man oh man was it packed. Where were these people during the winter? Especially the annoying ones who were pushy as they picked over the asparagus lamenting over how they "can't even stand to buy from california anymore". Really? These are the people who give the local foods folk a bad rap. It is all fine and good to support your farmers in the spring time bounty, but where were you in the winter when the SAME farmers were coming to market each week? Mental note, get to the market earlier next week....

Anyway this week I bought $126 worth of food (give or take some change):
$50 for Madura Farms (though it should have been slightly more than 50)

1 early spring garlic
3 cukes
1 pint tomatoes
4 beautiful purpley tomatoes
2 lbs greens
1ish lbs portobello mushrooms
1 lb asparagus
2 or so lbs rhubarb

3 black bean tamales
3 pulled pork tamales

$12 to the flower guys

1 pot basil
1 pot rosemary
1 pot some edible flower whose name I can't remember

$5.50 to All you Knead bakery

1 oat loaf

$33 ish to Pura Vida Fisheries

2 lbs scallops

This week we will can up those rhubarb into pie filling or booze and can the asparagus into dillygus pickles

We will eat: pasta with spring garlic, scallops and mushrooms
beef ribs with asparagus and rice
asparagus, garlic, mushroom risotto and salad
tamales over rice
burgers and fries and salad

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