Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Works in Progress

Today I have no photos because I have been lazy...I had a few starts and stops on some knitting projects this week that caused me to rip out A LOT of progress...But I did finish another blanket bunny and a little diaper bag pouch for a friend who just had a baby, and I picked out a pattern for another friend who is picking up her adopted son next week. So I count myself semi-productive.
Oh and I ordered yarn for a few upcoming projects, and I started to dig out the garden.

Something that I've been thinking about lately is where do I want to go with my crafting. Do I want it to remain a hobby? Do I want to invest more time and money into it to build a business? Do I want to use it as a further measure of our sustainability? Do I want to use it to help others in need? And on and on the questions swirl in my head. I am using Lent to fuel a habit of knitting for charity. I am making 40 of the blanket bunnies for an as yet unnamed charity (any suggestions are welcome).

I'd also like to use my momentum to start knitting a wardrobe. For MYSELF. Sure the kids are little and it would be quick to make them things (and I will make them stuff along the way) but they grow so fast that by the time I finish a sweater for them it does not fit. Plus how long will it be considered cool for them to wear handknits? How long will they want "mommy mittens" etc? So I am going to knit for myself. I am a weird shape and clothes shopping gives me hives. I keep seeing knits in stores and I find myself mumbling "they want that much? I could knit it for less" and so I am going to. I have a few sweaters in mind and a very ambitious dress so far in my head as starting points.

The garden planning is in the works still. It is really hard since I have never seen our backyard in the spring or summer. I don't really know where the sun is, or how the trees from the church will affect us. Our neighbor tells me that berries are a good idea as they grow wild in these parts, and that a little apple tree will work as well. So that's good since I bought berry bushes and an apple tree... Right now I am more concerned with how much space we have. It seems like a lot because both me and the hubby are used to postage stamp sized yards, but the reality is there is not a whole lot of space for a garden, for a sitting area, for the kids to run around. I really need to rethink trellising and what veg crops we have space for.


Mary said...

I made some blankets for a chapter of Project Linus in Montana before I moved (mostly to shrink down my yarn stash) -- they've got groups all over the place.


regina said...

thanks mary! i am not sure they will accept these as they are not really blankets, more like cuddlies i guess, but i will track down our local one!