Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 3- STASH Organization

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Today's topic? Stash and organization. There are so many lovely blogs with beautiful pictures of yarn and creative storage options, that I kind of feel bad that I am posting too! I don't have a huge stash. In fact I only really started to acquire yarn in october. Before that it was very much buy as I go, and try to make something out of the few skeins I had. When I started going to group I bought with projects in mind, 9 skeins of cascade for a sweater, 2 skeins for a baby sweater and hat etc. Sheep and Wool came and I went armed with a list of projects that I wanted to complete this year (um have I done any of them? nope) I knew what yardage and weight I needed and bought accordingly. I took home a cedar shingle to store with the fiber. Then we moved. Everything was packed up and brought to the new house. There is still some cottons and random yarn in a box in the basement....

My main storage is our china cabinet. I like the way the yarn adds some color to the very empty all purpose, I don't really know what this room is for yet, room. It allows me to see what is there while still looking pretty. Of course seeing what is there also forces me to make it neat- I have learned how to hand wind center pulls, so I can stack things a little which helps. Of course there is still a box of yarn sitting under the cabinet as well!

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