Saturday, February 26, 2011

Going to the Market

Everyone is home this weekend. It is hard to have the two kids and the husband home on the weekends. That sounds awful, I know. BUT it is hard, the husband wakes up at 3 am everyday to go to work, he gets home in time for dinner (by 4:30 he is in the house) and quiet time and then bed. He is asleep on the couch by about 8pm; usually just after Joe stops fussing in bed and I return to the land of adults. So yeah we don't spend all that much time together lately. I look forward to the weekends, thinking I can have some time by myself, some time with everyone as a family but the husband looks forward to the weekend because he thinks it means he can work on various things at the house. It causes us all to be snippy. I don't like it.

But anyway Joe and I went to the coldspring market this week armed with $50. We bought:

2 loaves of bread
4 lamb spring rolls
5 sweet potatoes
2 cucumbers
just about 2 lbs of greens
a little more than a pound of mushrooms
1 lb of spinach pasta
4 apples
1 giant cookie

This week's menu (we never had the stuffed flank steak last week)
Saturday: meatloaf with mashed sweet potatoes and salad
Sunday: leftovers or cottage pie
Monday: pasta with salad
Tuesday: crockpot chili with rice
Wednesday: leftover chili (I will be out with friends so the boys are on their own)
Thursday: roast chicken
Friday: chicken pot pie
Saturday: we are going to grandma's to do our taxes so dinner for me and the hubby will probably be movie theater popcorn

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