Monday, February 21, 2011

Going to the Market

This week Jude once again went to Grandma's. I got to go to the Coldspring Market by myself on saturday. I had big plans. Honey, and Soap, and Bread and Cheese...You see we paid all the bills on time this month (!) and there was actually some money left over to buy things! Things like a nice dinner out (ok we went to the local Mexican place YUM!) and a new knitting pattern and MEAT!
So armed with 95 bucks I hit the market, intent on buying soap and honey in addition to food. But the Meat folks (Full Moon Farm ) were there and I never got past their table...
So what will 92 dollars get you at the Cold Spring Market?

1 chicken
1 flank steak
1 package of 5 pork chops
2 lbs of carrots
1 lb of baby portabello mushrooms
5 sweet potatoes
1 pint cherry tomatoes
4 onions
a good bit of mixed greens

It is nice to have the freezer stocked again. But it means I have to bake bread this week
The menu this week is:
Monday: Spinach lasagna
Tuesday: leftover lasagna with salad and garlic bread
Wednesday: Crockpot ham with applesauce glaze and mashed maple sweet potatoes
Thursday: leftover ham?
Friday: pizza or calzones- depends on how much of the sauce is left from monday...
Saturday: stuffed flank steak

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Anonymous said...

What a delicious menu! The farmer's market must be a very inspirational place; my menus never look that delicious. :)