Thursday, July 1, 2010

Taking Advantage

I took advantage of the kind nature of our green grocer. Seriously I feel a little bad about it. But he had blueberries for 99 cents! I took 4 pints of New Jersey Grown blueberries and 1 pint of blackberries because I had this idea that I would make a red white and blue cobbler for the Fourth (raspberries are coming in our CSA share tonight)...but then we got home and the boys did this....
Which made me think "Oh it is not so god awful hot this week, maybe I won't melt in a puddle of Pectin if I jam some of this" Last week I canned the 4.5 lbs of cherries I received in our CSA share in 85 degree weather (at 9pm by the way) and Christ on a bike the apt was like a sauna.
So I got Joe the potato masher, threw all the berries into a pot, added pectin, and lemon juice and made some jam! This is the first time I have changed a recipe or not used one from the Can Jam that I am silently lurking around. So I hope it comes out well, but from what we tasted it is yummy!

And might I add that we skimmed the foam directly into our classes of ginger ale? Prompting Joe to exclaim "Momma you made it reeee-spendent!" while kissing his fingers. Not sure where he got that from.

anywho here is the recipe which is kind of like
the recipe from the Ball Book

Blackberry Blueberry Resplendency

2 pints blueberries
1 pint blackberries
1 package powdered pectin
1 tsp grated lemon peel ( Joe helped rough chop it)
1/3 cup lemon juice
3 cups sugar

Put the berries in a pan. Mash the heck out of them. Stir in Pectin. Bring to boil stirring every time you remember you are supposed to be stirring frequently. Add sugar stir to dissolve. Stir in peel and juice of lemon. Return to roiling boil. Boil Hard 1 minute stirring constantly. Remove from heat, skim foam (add to your nearest beverage seriously it is delish!) Put the Hot Jam in your Hot Jars with 1/4 inch headspace. Process 15 minutes

I got 3 wide mouth 1/2 pints, 1 wide mouth pint and 1 small (i think 4 oz?) jar.

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Velvet said...

That looks so delish!!!