Monday, June 28, 2010

Weeks in PhotosS

Here's what has been keeping me away from the computer for so long. It's been crazy hot and busy here...We love Brighton Beach! Personally I love it because there is always someone who is larger and more pasty white than me wearing less then me!
Building sand castles
Falling off the 100 mile wagon at Citi Field...Holy Moly Disco fries are delicious!
What's a seventh inning stretch without Peanuts and Cracker Jacks? (and beer?)
The downfall of marrying someone 80 feet taller than you is that he always looks funny in self taken photos..
First Jam: strawberry!
Bike riding every night
"Mommy I don't want a picture of my bike!"
I need a basket on front to really complete the look
Round one of strawberries and cream
This scariness was in the house we didn't bid on
Relaxing and chasing robots at Grandma's pool
Second Jam: cherry jam (not quite set so more jam sauce than jam)
assorted fruit booze- so far raspberry, strawberry and rhubarb
weekly trip to transit museum
The house we did bid on! And offer was accepted and now we wait to see what comes out of renegotiation. I wish it were like on the TV where you say yes I want it and someone hands you the keys...
Playing in the woods of MA makes me realize that we are making right choice by moving out of Brooklyn
Looking for bears with Steve.

And there you have it. Everything that we have done that I haven't been writing about. We are still eating pretty close to 100 miles but its getting harder in the heat....

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