Saturday, April 17, 2010

Unidentified Green Object

Can anyone identify this green?
I bought it on saturday from the Gorzynski Ornery Farm stand. This stand is one of my favorites at the market, for the sheer character of it. I have to get a photo someday. The stall is wooden crates filled with greens of all kinds. Honestly it looks like they went through the farm, weeded and then threw the weeds into crates to sell. There is ONE sign written in white board in chicken scratch. Actually the chicken probably has better handwriting. The sign tells you what is in the stall and the prices, but it is hard to see, hard to read and frankly I don't know what half the things on the list are in the first place. The only thing in the stall that I was 100% certain of was the parsnips. Spring, fresh picked parsnips.
I thought this green was baby spinach, but it doesn't taste like spinach at all. It is sweet and watery. Almost thirst quenching. The leaves are small and oval shaped and kind of look like a boston lettuce- some of them have reddish edges. There are small holes all over the leaves- leading the hubby to say, "You couldn't get something that the bugs weren't munching on? Something prettier perhaps? Oh God there is still dirt all over these!" I've been eating this mystery green as a snack, and also scrambled up in eggs. It is a really lovely contrast to the Ramps, I just wish I knew what it was!

update on this green: it cooks up dark green like seaweed and as it has been in the fridge it has gotten a bitter (but still delish) edge to it.


Gwynne Watkins said...

Mache? Maybe?

Anonymous said...

I saw something that looked similar at the grocery store on Friday. Best I could tell was turnip greens, but I wasn't any too sure - you know how they have the signs above, but never quite aligned with what's there?

InventingLiz said...

Some kind of basil? How does it smell?