Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't get to close

Seriously don't stand to close to me, I stink. That's right I said it, I am smelly. It has to do with the amount of Ramps I've been eating (at least I think it does). Ramps or "Wild Leeks" are these pungent flat leafed greens that look kind of like a fanned out scallion, they taste like the bastard child of garlic and onion. But I am making them not sound good. They are delicious. In fact in parts of the South there are festivals to celebrate this vegetable. The left photo makes them look like Lily leaves (which they do, in fact I bit into a Lily leaf before realizing my mistake.) The second highlights their scallion like nature. But neither can describe the taste. I've been using them in place of garlic, I've been using them in place of onions, I've chopped some up to add to butter, I've fried some with eggs (this by far is my favorite way), I've added to mashed potatoes (I wonder if in Northern Ireland ramps made the first Champ), I've been pulling leaves off and snacking on them like chips, I have eaten them with every meal this week. And so I stink. I don't remember which farm sold me my ramps, but I do know that when I expressed my excitement over them the seller kind of grumbled that he couldn't wait to be sold out. I think he was jealous of the asparagus folks; apparently they sold out in about an hour.I was just excited to see some green in the market. Ok let me rephrase I was excited to see something green that was not organic microgreens that some dirty hippie was selling outside of their obnoxiously painted school bus.

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Liz said...

Interesting! Ramps are one of those things I've heard of but never really knew what they I know!

And I've thrown leeks into a sort of potato salad that I make - mashed potatoes with vanilla yogurt, served cold - they are good!