Sunday, April 11, 2010

100 Mile Monday

It is not going so well. Last week found me in the diner eating pancakes with Joe, having conventional carrots, and drunk on cheap pink zinfandel. The 100 mile challenge was ushered in with a catered lasagna Easter Dinner "made" by my mother in law, complete with a store bought birthday cake (while my homemade beauty languished in the fridge). Then we had a lovely first 100 mile meal which looked like this. It's a fresh ham roast glazed in apple cider molasses, carrots and pure 100 mile popovers.
A food stylist I am not.

My hubby was convinced that our ham was already cooked. Like those tinned spiral hams you can buy around the holidays. This is the second time we've had the ham roast, and I admit that I didn't know how to cook it the first time around. This time I hit the Internet for recipes. There were none for fresh ham roast, and yet tons for already glazed, precooked and in a package hams.... The hubby said "If it was raw it would be called a pork roast" I was pretty sure he was wrong so I went directly to our rancher for an answer.

And guess what? Ham refers to a part of the body on the pig and can be smoked or unsmoked (which is what we have). And it was delicious from our slow cooker.


Princess Lolly said...

ain't nothin' wrong with diners, pink zin, or your food stylin'.

you can cook for me ANYTIME.

Liz said...

I would have guessed "ham" meant it was already cooked, too - live and learn!

Shepherdess of the Hills said...

Glad your "fresh" ham turned out delish! And remember, we are all rooting you on for your 100 mile diet, but not expecting you stick to it so tightly that you live in fear of every meal! :-)