Monday, April 5, 2010

100 mile monday


and it begins poorly. Today is the first official day of 100 mile eating. And where did lunch find me and Joe? In the diner eating pancakes and spinach pie. Dinner will be better we are having the last (and I do mean last) of our first month's meat share.
We are still finishing up groceries as time goes by, so there will be nonlocal stuff here and there- for instance I made a cake yesterday, but because I forgot to write down the ingredients I over bought some things like chocolate baking squares. And also because of Easter there is a TON of candy in the house (amazing Italian chocolate was on sale at our grocery store because it was broken, and boy do I love a sale)

We have the rules down. There are very few as we have realized that sometimes LIFE gets in the way of a market trip. We decided that this will not be strictly 100 mile,mostly because things come up, we are lazy and quite frankly (as lunch today shows) it is kind of hard to do with a 3 year old who has routines that work. I love my friday pizza lunches with the children too much to give them up, and frankly how are the kids going to learn how to behave in a restaurant if they never go to them because of their parents' crazy food rules?

So there is (and the names come from the hubby) THE SANDWICH RULE: which is basically if I fail to make something that the hubby can slap on some bread for lunch he can buy it instead.

THE BAR RULE: when out for drinks we have to try to find something at least brewed locally, but if the bar has nothing we can drink whatever we want.

THE BAKING RULE: since I am going to bake our breads and sweets (for the most part) I am going to use non local flour and sugar and eggs (though our grocery store eggs come from the tristate area) because it is more economical that way. We will eat a mix of farm eggs and grocery eggs.

THE CHOCOLATE RULE: such a struggle my sweet tooth has been! So to cut back on sweets (and maybe make the diet part of the plan work) I am only going to buy chocolate that is fair trade for snacking on. Because as much as I LOVE chocolate I am a cheapskate and will think twice about buying the pricey good stuff.

THE END OF THE MEAT, NO FOOD LEFT, WE ARE HUNGRY TAKEOUT RULE: in the days where the meat has not arrived and there is nothing in the freezer we can do take out. As my mother put it "If you don't eat at least some preservatives your body will react badly when you do"

So that's it really. The journey begins not quite how I imagined it would, but still it begins.

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Gwynne said...

All sounds reasonable! There's a cheap local foods restaurant in Greenpoint I was thinking we could check out at some point...