Monday, March 22, 2010

100 Mile Monday

Only 2 weeks left until this "officially" begins. We spent the weekend talking about CSA shares (we're going to go with the one near us) and not going to the market....
The crowds are going to kill me in the nice weather. I do not like crowds. I especially do not like crowds when I am trying to accomplish something. We may need to switch markets as the wether gets nicer, we shall see.

We decided to keep up with the meat. So far we are really pleased. I really really like the lamb, and can taste a difference in the beef. The pork is good too, but I am really bad at cooking it so that will have to improve over time! The hubby says he could taste a difference in the chicken we bought, but I was not convinced (and also I was still reeling from the FEET!). A CSA in our area started to offer meat shares. BUT it is bi-monthly from June- October for 4-5 lbs of meat (chicken, beef and pork if I remember correctly) for a whooping $495! That's more than we are paying for 20 lbs every month! And let me tell you 4lbs of meat in our house is only about 5 meals. We still have about that much in the freezer left over from our first meat package.

I'm still plugging away at books, and researching our own garden space.


InventingLiz said...

Do you have a crockpot?


was fantastic

and this:

I made with beef and loved, but she says you can make it with pork too.

And Elfe loved both of these too!

Mary said...

I'm glad the stuff you're getting from your meat shares is a hit--I mentioned your picture of the chicken's feet to my mom and she got a big kick out of it: "I haven't had to deal with chicken's feet since I lived on the farm, and I definitely don't miss them."

I used to buy beef straight from a rancher when I lived in Montana, and I could definitely taste a difference. Maybe it was just due to the way they processed it, but it seemed a lot leaner than the stuff I got at the supermarket, too. We've got a small butcher shop here in Ashland that sells a lot of locally-harvested meat, too--once you've had the good stuff, it can be hard to go back to the mushy grocery store stuff.

My mom took a master gardener's course about two years ago...I should dig in her books and see if they've got any good info about gardening in window boxes and stuff like that.