Monday, January 18, 2010

100 Mile Monday

I am waiting for a farmer (rancher? what do you accurately call a person who raises animals for food?) to get back to me in terms of payments (hint hint Shepardess of the hills!!), but I think we have found a source for meat. This farm is outside the 100 miles by a good 200 miles, but they ship their meat so the impact on the planet would be the same as me taking the train in to the farmer's market every week. And a share of their farm will help them to buy the land that they are on. I like the idea of helping out someone else buy a piece of property, while we look to buy our own. Plus I liked the first email I got from the owner. The problem is that we can not afford the 1/2 share price as a one shot payment, and they may have already used up their allotment of installment plans. The farmers need to eat and pay rent too...

The email reconfirmed my need to communicate with the people I get my food from. It's about building a caring community. I really do believe that if you can rely on and support your neighbors with the little things they will support you when it comes to the big hard times in life. Nothing taught me this more than having the hubby out of work for a few months. The outpouring of help that came from our neighbors was overwhelming to me. From the lasagna that the little old Italian lady on the corner left on the stoop to the teenager next door telling the hubby about the construction work going on at his school to the box of Omaha steaks that the landlady sent us (with a note that said don't worry about paying the rent)....It all made me feel like truly a part of a community.

We are taking a trip into the Farmer's Market today to buy our weekly veggies. Usually we go here for our produce. And I do love this place, especially the fact that the guys stocking the fruit turn a blind eye to Joe munching on an apple before I buy it, but their low low low prices make me wonder about the living wages of their workers and the workers on the farms where they get the food. I know that the "three guys" tag line is the "the poor people's friend" (or something like that) but I do wonder if that includes everyone...And I am a little afraid to ask the large man who sits outside the place chomping on an unlit cigar as there is a baseball bat that leans on his stool, and he reminds me of photos of those old time "bust up the unions" guys.
So we shall see if I can get the same amount of produce at the market as I can get from the three guys.

Update: A person should not lug a 19 lb baby strapped to their chest, and a toddler by the hand through a very pleasant winter's day farmer's market. Especially when the day in question is a day off for lots of folks! We didn't get as much as usual; mostly because we were sidetracked by cider donuts, and cider and pretzels and a playground. BUT there was an entire stall devoted to POTATOES! (the hubby would have been in heaven) where the farmer gave joe two blue potatoes to try out at home.

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