Monday, January 18, 2010

100 Mile Monday part 2

We have meat!
I returned home from the farmer's market to find an email from the not so local, local meat folks buried in my spam folder. I chuckled over the meat in a can reference then read the email. It turns out they do have installment plans, but only on the 3 month shares. So we are turning in our application in tonight.
I did the math on a full share,which has BACON and Osso Bucco (I don't even know what Osso Bucco is but it sounds like something I could serve at a swanky dinner party on the good china doesn't it?)...for 20 pounds of meat a month it is $405. Broken down by month that works out to $135 a month. Do we usually spend that much on meat a month? Yes and No. We usually do one big trip to Costco or Bj's a month. That trip includes meat and paper towels and snacks and garbage bags etc. That trip usually runs us about $300 or so and most of it is the meat.

But then I broke it down to the week level. If I did the math right (and maybe I didn't, I'm notoriously bad at math) a week's worth of the share costs roughly $34 which sounds about right when you add up the weekly trips to the deli for sandwich meat, the Sunday morning sausage and egg sandwiches, the bacon (sheesh this sounds like we are headed for heart attacks tomorrow!) and the giant hoagies for lunch.

So our not so local, local meat adventure starts march first. (that's when the share starts)


Liz said...

I think - and could very easily be wrong - that Osso Bucco is maybe not something that you want, unless the Shepherdess can vouch for humane treatment?

Shepherdess of the Hills said...

Actually, Osso Bucco is a cut and can be made from Beef, Lamb, Pork and Veal. It is part of the front leg section and includes some of the marrow and most flavorful meat you can imagine. It is a great slow cooked dish as well as soup stock basic!
We are planning on offering Rose Veal soon, raised ON the mother and offered grass hay and any water it wants.