Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Way back when

When Joe was born I tried to find mom friends...It didn't work out so well for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons were my age ( I am relatively young to have kids, at least in NYC), my station in life at the time (still in school and unemployed) and the insanity of other moms in the area. I tried a group in the city but was quietly outcast from it when my kid started crawling before the others and he showed up to the Halloween party in (gasp!) a homemade costume; I tried Gymboree but was the youngest person in the group and also not insane.

So my expectations for finding a mom's group this time around has been lower than low. Until last night. The local parenting online forum had a post about an expectant mother's group; I decided to go and meet the ladies behind the emails. Of course I didn't talk myself into going until about 1/2 an hour before I actually had to be there, but still I went.

and they were NORMAL!!!! and my age!! and even though I was only one with another child they didn't bombard me with questions about it! I think I am in love with these women. Here's hoping they turn into loons once the babies are out!


Athina Marie said...

Yeah, thats the one thing I'm dreading around this neighborhood. My kid will the one will isn't sporting the 1000 dollar carriage or 40 dollar sneakers at 3 months old! LMAO

regina said...

where are you again?
my kid is def. not the one in the 1000 carriage (shit i was lucky if he was ever in the stroller!) and well he often has no shoes on. we are like the poor dirty kids of dyker!