Monday, July 13, 2009


Before heading out to "rest and relaxation" at my mom's on Long Island we had a busy week of cyclones' games and and the circus! Ringling Bros. brought a smaller scaled circus to Coney Island for the summer, and you can't beat the $10 tickets! We got to meet the performers, see the elephants up close, and it was not super overloaded with lights and special effects where we couldn't get Joe to sleep afterwards. I hope this circus comes back every year!
"Momma Look! Look Elephants! Hi Elephants, what ya doing?"

"Oh No! What they doing? She falling!" in response to the rope climbing lady.
That's right, I spent the same amount on tickets as I did a commemorative snow cone!

After a night at the circus, we hightailed it out to Long Island... We went to the beach, saw fireworks, and went to the Aquarium. Overall it was very relaxing, maybe because Poppy (my dad) was out fishing 4 days out of the 7 we were there!
"Momma! What's that? Crabby? Look Crabby!"

"Come back here Crabby! I gonna get you!"- There is a little hermit crab desperately trying to escape his hands!

"Nanny LOOK!! Fireworks! Where they going?"
"Daddy? You scared fireworks? Joe no scared! Momma? You scared the fireworks!"

"Cheese! Nanny Cheese!"
These pics are from Tiana Shores, the beach club that I grew up going to, where me and the hubby got married and where I hope Joe will have fond memories of all the surrogate grandma figures that he has charmed!

The paddled away as I sat on the beach having a heart attack, about how far away they were actually paddling. But they came back safe and sound, and didn't even lose the hat!

The shark tank.

And now we are back in Brooklyn settling into lazy days where Joe goes to the park with our 14 year old neighbor and her little brother in the morning, I clean, and then we both nap until Daddy comes home. It's a nice routine that I am going to be a little sad to change once this fetus is out of me....3 weeks and counting though!


Gwynne said...

He's talking so much! I'm so excited for mine to start using actual words... other than "ball," he's got "ball" down...

regina said...

The language exploded recently, he is like a parrot, a hard of hearing, needs to repeat everything ad nauseum parrot. But its not all as clear as writing it out makes it seem.