Saturday, July 18, 2009

20 days and counting

There are technically 20 days left to this pregnancy. It has been a rough ride both for me and for the baby.

Early on he showed signs of hydrosomethingorother- fluid around his kidneys. Apparently this is common in boys and usually clears up in time for delivery. I cried when I got this phone call. Of course I was sitting on a bench in our local Target at the time, so I wasn't really in the right frame of mind to hear any baby related news. The midwives have been great at reassuring me this is nothing to worry about, but the worst case scenario involves catheters and surgery and all sorts of medical things I am not equipped emotionally to deal with. I mean shit, we had a mohel come to the house and circumcise Joe because I couldn't deal with the fact that in the hospital I wouldn't be able to hold him during procedure; how will I deal with a newborn being catheterized? A procedure that surely should be done in hospital not my kitchen.

Early on I was told to eat more- I lost 6 lbs due to morning sickness in the first trimester, which is fine because those 6 lbs were leftovers from Joe I believe. So I ate more and now am hovering over having gained too much according to the one midwife I don't like. But the upside is that it is all baby (the hubby is a giant for chrissakes), the downside is that the lady in CVS asked me if I was having twins.

At 21 days till due I got a phone call saying my bloodwork came back with less than desirable hemoglobin levels. So I am back to taking horrible Iron pills three times a day. They make me feel worse rather than better. My tummy hurts, my throat feels dry and my head hurts. Add this to the humidity which turns my fingers and feet into sausages, sweat that is pooling under the belly that is sitting on my thighs, and a general feeling of blech and you get one miserable person. 

So I wait and walk and eat pineapple and pray that this kid takes pity on his mom and comes out early. 

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