Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things that we wanna do...

There are some things that we would like to do that are hinging on when this baby comes out; I am planning on doing them with the hopes that there will be a baby in my arms, but Joe was 10 days "late" so I might just be huge and pregnant at these events.

July 21st- Paul McCartney concert at CitiField- John wants baby to be born during concert, preferably during Hey Jude

July 30th- Brooklyn Cyclones Irish night- The Irish dance school I dance with will be performing

August 7th/8th- Matt Noonan's Wedding- I am due on the 7th, the wedding is in Ithaca NY...

August 15th- My Mom's Birthday- she is taking herself to see Wicked in the city, so I am betting I can see her for lunch or dinner and hand deliver a present.

                        Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- Since I've been back in NYC, the Hudson River Park Trust has been showing the original (my favorite movie) on the piers, I've gone every year and it is now a family tradition.

August 21st- Mets Irish Night- The dance school will be performing for the first time at CitiField. Joe's first game was the last Irish Night at Shea, it would be great if Jude's first game could be the first Irish Night at CitiField.

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