Monday, October 20, 2008


A friend of mine left me a message this weekend. The message was that another friend's dad had died in a car accident. Of all the dad's to go first I would have never pictured it to be Kate's dad...

The accident involved a bridge and bad brakes on a remote Maine woodsy road- a friend was with him, tried to save him after the truck went into the water, but Mr. Frederick wasn't moving when the truck hit the water. He drowned and his friend had to run 3 miles to find someone to tell. I can't even imagine what the friend is feeling, nor can I imagine what kate and her mother are feeling right now.
This is the second freak accidental death from drowning that has happened even remotely in my life this year (the first being a 3 year old girl who would have been in my classroom). I don't like it. I like my deaths to be expected, after long lives or illnesses. What do you say to ease someone's sorrow when there are no words to explain why the suffering is occurring?

The Red Sox lost last night, they were Mr. Frederick's team. I have never seen a grown man as happy as I saw him last year when the Sox won the series and his daughter got married on the same day. Maybe they lost because he is gone, I like to think they did out of respect for the man who would call the cable company to complain when the games weren't televised. Humor is my defense so I will end by saying at least Mr. Frederick didn't have to see the Sox blow it again.

Go and hug your fathers and tell them you love them (even if it weirds them out) because you never know when they'll be gone.

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Mary said...

My condolences...that is really sad.