Monday, May 5, 2008

Kung Fu Kids

I live in a weird section of Brooklyn, it's not quite Bay Ridge and not quite Dyker Heights. Both of those neighborhoods have strong Norwegian, Irish and Italian influences on the neighborhood culture. You won't find a Caribbean restaurant in my neighborhood, but you will feel like you stepped onto a Saturday Night Fever remake. Around Christmas the folks in Dyker heights are known for their outlandish light displays, and people come from all over to see them. When I tell people where I live I usually say "You know at Christmas all the houses you see on the news with the giant animatronic Santa's and lights all over? Yeah I live near there."

But what people forget is that this section of Brooklyn also borders Brooklyn's Chinatown. People don't look at me funny anymore because I carry the babe in a Mei Tai carrier, and I can buy miso by the pound in our local grocery store (called the Great Wall Supermarket). I also get to see things like this in our

favorite park. On sunday there was an Asian Heritage celebration on the basketball courts. There was dancing and music playing by local people from Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and China. I am sure there were other countries represented but I got there late (heck I didn't even know it was happening until I got to the park).

My favorite demonstration was the Kung Fu Kids, the youngest seemed to be about 4 or 5 and they were amazing. I don't think it is on the video but at one point all of them were doing head flips on the concrete.

Notice how the little girls are wearing pink, proving that pink is the favored color for ass kicking.

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