Thursday, April 3, 2008


I am not going to graduate in May. I am not going to walk across the stage at Riverside Church in a Master's degree robe. AND I am not going to worry about it.

I had a meeting with my advisor today, she seems to think I have something really good in my IMP and I shouldn't rush through it just to get it done and put away. So I will hand everything in past the April 15 deadline and the date on my diploma will probably be in July. This means that I will go to graduation, but not walk in the ceremony. I am coming to terms with it slowly but surely.

Another realization happened today, an A-Ha moment if you will. A wise woman who lives in Michigan told me I should not take the job at a school I only feel eh about. She said "it is hard enough working your ass off at a school that you believe in 100%." Which is the truth. So I am going to hold out for the other places to offer me work, and if no job is offered number 2 will start to be planned in the sense that we will stop planning for no number 2.

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Mary said...

Aw, that sucks--I know you were looking forward to the graduation ceremony in May. But I guess on the other hand, it's a positive thing that you'll have some more time to flesh out your IMP stuff--it sounds like a neat project--and I hope it feels good to have some of the pressure off for that April 15 deadline (why'd they pick the same day as tax day, anyway? That seems needlessly cruel, haha).

I think the wise woman in MI is right about the job, too--the right thing'll bite at the right time, it almost always does. :+)