Friday, December 9, 2011

Charlie Brown Christmas for Everyone!

So word has gotten out that we have a serious lover of the holidays in our house. We came home today to find wonderful gifts on our porch, perfect for the boys and totally easy to do every year from now on...
One of my knitting group had unearthed a bunch of mini ornaments and had no use for them, so she left them on our porch for the boys to use, I was not sure how I was going to incorporate the ornaments into our Christmas Room but when we came home from school we found that another neighbor had left us a charlie brown tree! Perfect. I asked how they made it and I think it is something I can redo yearly as part of our ongoing 'presents from the elves' porch gifts.

I don't have any pics of the process but it is fairly straight forward:
Step One:
Buy a Christmas tree that is slightly too large for your house (by slightly I mean by a good foot on top)

Step Two
Cut off the top section to make tree fit your house and save it. Cut off the bottom piece of trunk as usual to put the tree into the stand, save this as well.

Step Three:
Drill hole into slice of trunk, and shove the top bit of tree into the
hole. Ta-Da Charlie Brown tree!

I think that this project could also be accomplished for free if you go to local tree mart and ask for a piece of trunk and for any of their random branches (you know how people have the tree guys cut off the bottom scraggly bits? those could also work for this project). The trunk disks also make great outside play blocks, and ornaments for the tree.

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