Monday, May 23, 2011

Market Day!

This weekend the Coldspring Market was outdoors. So many more vendors! There was wine, an herbalist who had tinctures and honey and maple syrup,and there were a few plant people.
I had $100 dollars to spend, and I spent $160... I must remember that if it is a meat week I have to have more than usual. At least until we can go berry picking for canning. The majority of our money went to strawberries this week, and I literally bought ALL the strawberries that the seller had, so I don't mind paying full price for the flat.

$75 to Madura Farms
1 flat of strawberries- 8 quarts
1 lb mushrooms
1/2 lb of spinach
4 tomatoes
$5.50 to All You Knead
oat loaf
$20 to Full Moon Farms
2 lbs chop meat
1 lb stew meat
$60 to the winery (on debit card)
4 bottles of wine
we will eat: flat iron steak (from last meat day) with rice and asparagus (from last week)
scallops over spinach salad
chili and french fries
tortellini and salad
Friday we leave on a camping trip so we'll not get to the market this week.
It was a canning weekend- how could it not be with 8 quarts of strawberries sitting on the table? Stay tuned to see what we did with those!


Liz said...

Umm, sounds like you need to bring extra money when it's a WINE week, not a meat week - that's where your extra money went!

regina said...

true but what i meant was that i spent the majority of the money on berries, thus not having lots left over for meat- most of the stalls at our market take only cash. the wine people are smart and take cards!