Friday, April 1, 2011

creative Friday and works in progress

We have been crafting up a storm here. The weather took a turn for the worst and the boys were getting too comfortable in the movie watching (though how much fun is Phineas and Ferb?) and running around the house. It was a good week to try some new things. So I busted out the wool roving. It is something we have not worked a lot with and I am intrigued by the whole felting process.

I've wanted to try felting with the kids for a while now, and posts about felted eggs and egg monsters that cropped up on last week's creative friday home got me really excited.
I purchased 3 bags of roving from the Hudson Valley Fiber Farm just last week, it was bought to felt with the kids and to give some to a spinner friend...
We used the wet and rub on bubble wrap method. I kept having to rewet the pieces as the water in the boys bowls was just not hot enough. They didnt really care, they just wanted to play in the water I think.
The finished product is still drying so I don't really know if it worked right. I have a suspicion that we did not layer enough to have the eggs stay eggs once the plastic ones are removed.
I am ridiculously into crafting for the seasons. If I really had the resources I would be like Martha Stewart in a lot of ways (or at least like some portion of her crafting team). I really do enjoy the knick knacks of the holidays. That combined with my love of a good tradition sets my kids up for a lifetime of knitted bunnies in their easter baskets....

Joe saw me knit this little guy for a friend's son and requested one for himself. I like that this bunny looks like he has thick eyeglasses on even though it's just his eyes. Gives him a scholarly look if I do say so myself.
So after the egg cozies this will be the next project. Did I mention I am making egg cozies? I dont really know why I just like them, we don't eat soft boiled eggs so I am not sure what we will really use them for but I just think they are adorable, I have a feeling they will be used as finger puppets....

And then I really must start knitting a dress. Seriously if there is not a dress post soon in the WIP files I am just going to have to suck it up and buy a dress for a wedding in July.

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