Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Works in Progress

The back 40 are still being de-sodded. I really must take some measurements to see how much I am really working with. It is back aching work to dig up all the grass, pick it over for worms and toss aside; and yet I balk at the idea of renting a tiller. I have it in my head that we are going to do this from scratch in the most traditional way as possible but we shall see if my tune changes when it is later in the spring and I am still staring at an unplanted garden patch....

We did start some seed today. How many seeds? Oh a billion or so. I just kept filling the flats....We have mortgage lifters (who can resist them?) and bloody butchers and green zebras and black something or others and regular old romas planted. God I love the names of heirloom tomatoes. And 1/4 flat of Basil and another 1/4 flat of Oregano and a pot of strawberry seeds....I don't know if everything will take as this is my first time starting from seeds and I am not using anything fancy like grow lights on them. They are simply set up in the warmest, sunniest spot in the house....Worst case none of them grow and we are out roughly $10 bucks. I went to Ocean State Job Lots for the supplies so it came out really cheap.

I am still plugging away at my Lenten Knitting, it is really hard to stay on task though as I have so many other projects that want to get in the way. Currently I am working on a little monster doll for a friend's new child, egg cozy bunnies for Easter morning are next and I NEED to get started on a dress to wear to a friend's wedding in July. AND there are only so many hours in the day. BUT I have all the yarn I need. In fact I have more yarn then I need right now. Maybe that will prevent me from overspending at Sheep and Wool this year...

Yup, that's my stash, sitting in the china closet. There is also a box underneath it, and the cabinet that you can just see under the glass doors is full of cottons and acrylics.... I really must invest in a swift and ball winder a only about half is in lovely center pull balls... and they would all fit much nicer into the cabinet. I really like storing the yarn in the cabinet and I am not real sure where it is going to go when the china makes its way up from the basement.

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