Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday Market

After spending a good portion of saturday hanging on various railings around the house, knocking icicles off the gutters with hockey sticks, Joe and I headed to the market.

We spent $40 this week on

3/4 of a lb baby spinach
1 lb of carrots
2 loaves of bread
4 lamb spring rolls
2 lbs of clams
2 lbs of mussels
6 sweet potatoes
1 ice pop

Then we went to the regular grocery store (Price Chopper) where we spent $90 on:

gallon of milk
18 eggs
4lbs kidney beans
4 lbs brown rice
4 boxes of pasta
8 tortillas
1 lb mozzarella cheese
1 package of shredded jack cheese
2 avocados
1 bunch basil
1 box of Kix
2 lbs of stew meat
6 oranges
1 bunch bananas
2 lbs of bacon
peanut butter

We will eat:

saturday: we had spring rolls for lunch
dinner: rice and beans beef burritos with avocado and cheese

sunday: lunch leftover rice and beans
dinner: flank steak with seafood stuffing and spinach

monday: lunch: pb&j
dinner: leftover steak

tuesday: lunch: black bean soup
dinner: black bean burgers with sweet potato fries

wednesday lunch: leftovers
dinner: goulash over rice

thursday lunch: pb&j
dinner: leftovers or pasta with bacon and beans

friday: lunch: leftovers
dinner: pizza

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