Monday, May 31, 2010

Strawberries, Cherries, and Radishes OH MY!

Over the weekend I took Joe to the market with me. It is really hard to take him to the market, what with his fruit stealing habit and his fly like attention span... I don't know what I was thinking when I woke up at 6:30am and said "Joe do you want to visit the farmers with me?"
Anyway there were strawberries abound at the market. The cheapest were 4 bucks or so for a quart.But the strawberries were all over the place. You could say the market was lousy with them! The hardest part of having Joe with me was that I couldn't price compare very well, so I just picked what looked like it was a good price and moved on quickly.

Joe charmed Farmer John's wife for some extra rhubarb in our bundle, and had a crazy conversation about cherries with another farmer. "I don't eat the pits Mr. Farmerman!"
"And why not Joe? (because as soon as you talk to Joe he tells you that he is Joe and I am mommy and Jude and daddy are wherever they are)"
"Silly the tree grows in my belly and my button would break open and branches come out, the birdies make the nest in the branches and poop on my shoes!"
"Ahhh I see, that is a good reason not to eat the pits, I wouldn't want bird poop on my shoes"

We bought radishes and peas from Tim Stark's daughters. Joe got shy and wouldn't speak. Can I say something about radishes? They are freaking good. Chop some up into your potatoes some time. I dare you.

We played in the playground for 20 minutes then we took the train home, where Joe ate a quart of strawberries and fell asleep on my lap.

Total: 50 bucks spent for not much product in my opinion.
I bought 5 quarts of strawberries (two different sellers)
1 pint of cherries (or maybe it was a quart I don't remember we just dumped them into a bag)
1 bunch rainbow radishes
1/2 lb peas
12 stalks of rhubarb
2 lbs of compost

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