Monday, May 24, 2010

monday Blah

I am a bad 100 miler. Life is getting in the way. Saturday dawned with the hubby having to work, and Joe at grandma's. Jude and I slept in until 7 am (my god when did 7 am become sleeping in?) and never went to the market. Firstly we still have stuff from last week's green grocer (some asparagus, carrots, potatoes and spinach) so we really didn't need anything and secondly Jude is heavy. He is 23 pounds of baby and the subway is 12 blocks away. You do the math. Our subway station is not accessible (a problem in many NYC stations which is bizarre to me) so bringing the stroller is pretty hard once I am also carrying produce. I know cry me a river....In two weeks the farmer's market opens kind of in our neighborhood, by then my snazzy new bike will be put together and I can bike to the market.

So I didn't go to the market. Despite that fact that I am going to try to get some friends together for a 100 mile picnic next weekend. We have plenty of meat from May's meat box in the freezer, rhubarb booze getting all boozy in the closet, and nice weather as a reason to celebrate. It's time to start making some community memories with this food.

The house hunt continues. We are still narrowing down where we would like to live. Food and entertaining are one of the things we are taking into account when looking at houses. I want a kitchen with counter space and room to have more than 3 people eat at one time. I want a backyard where the hubby can rule over the grill, where I can grow hundreds of tomatoes and raise some chickens. I have visions of small town living complete with a roadside summer business selling eggs and tomato sauce (and maybe some jams if I can perfect those) but I want all of this with accessibility to NYC because the hubby needs to work, and I eventually need to go back to work. My sister gave me a lead on a little town in the Hudson Valley that seems to fit all of our criteria. Now we have to motivate to look in earnest.

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