Monday, May 3, 2010

100 miles

I am dying for fruit. I am loving the asparagus and the rhubarb (today we are making a rhubarb cake yum!) but dear god if I don't get some fruit I am going to go insane. We did buy some fruit shares a tour local CSA. Two shares to be exact, hopefully there will be enough to eat one and store the other.
My experiments in canning are continuing. I've been obsessively looking at two blogs for recipes and advice. The first Food In Jars chronicles the life of a gal in philly who has both the passion and skills of a fantastic canner. And she is right about my age, which makes me feel less dowdy housewife and more urban hip. The second is Tigress in a Jam . The Tigress is an electronic music promoter who looks like Angelina Jolie circa Hackers (only with super blond dreadlocks) and man can she Can! She runs a month Can Jam where in people are challenged to can around one specific food item then blog about it. I'm hoping to officially get in on the action when this year's cycle ends.
There are huge amount of canning resources online, which is reassuring to both me and the hubby. I can follow a recipe pretty well, so I'm hoping that with the help of these resources I can have fruit come winter.

Here's what we bought this week: 1 bunch tarragon (because lots of the jam roundup recipes had tarragon)
1 bunch thyme
1 bunch sorrel (I found out via a friend that the drinks people were talking about is a totally different sorrel, apparently it is a red flowering plant in the hibiscus family)
1 chicken
2 lbs of mussels
1.5 lbs asparagus
1 bunch of green onions from Heirloom Author Tim Stark
a lot of rhubarb
2 bottles of wine
Total: $55.00 with the most expensive item being the chicken

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