Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Toddler Tuesday

So this past week we had a bunch of snow. Some said it was a hurricane of snow, or a snowrricane...Joe just called it fun. We ended up with about a foot and a half (up to my knees and higher in some places) in our backyard.
Joe is making snow tunnels. "For the mouse to get his motorcyle home."All afternoon he was taking little licks of snow whenever it got close to his face. He was sneaky about it. When the hubby came home and they shoveled out the driveway he stopped hiding his eating and said "Lunch is ready! I havin a snooow lunch. Mommy you can have tuna sandwich."
Our snowman. He was bigger than the 6foot hubby. His eyes are blue, his buttons are purple potato slices and he has craisin teeth. That is he did until some jerk teens decapitated him.

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